Lately, I have been incorporating color to my mostly all-black ensembles. And this cotton tee in rich rouge is definitely a fantastic addition to my summer wardrobe. Rouge goes perfectly well with monochromatic colors. It can instantly jazz up any bland ensemble. And plus, you won't get lost in a sea of black and white.

Look at how my deep red shirt pops out in every single photo. Of course, this would have not been possible without the breathtakingly beautiful summery backdrop courtesy of Caiscais in Portugal! Props to Coco for shooting my shameless obligatory OOTD indulgence during our afternoon trip there.
Top - Marten Viertel tee / Bottom - Marten Viertel drawstring shorts / Footwear - Converse Chucks
Accessories - Damir Doma fez hat + Damir Doma scarf + Ann Demeulemeester leather orb + Rigards sunnies

Photos by Joffrey Berti



Thank you Lisbon and Coco for another unforgettable trip! I'm just glad I have found my soulmate and the best travel buddy!

No words can describe how beautiful Lisboa is! It was my second time in this lovely city. This trip somewhat felt like getting reacquainted with an old friend since I have been here back in 2009. Indeed, the city has not changed much. Perhaps there are more tourists now than before. But, without a doubt, it is still much calmer compared to the busy streets of Paris or Barcelona. And, of course, the prices, in general, are considerably reasonable. We stayed at a quaint lovely apartment right in the center of Lisbon. We booked the place via Airbnb.

Since we arrived late in the evening, Coco and I decided to take it easy. After our hearty dinner at a local resto, we briefly roamed around the area. Then, took an early nightcap in preparation for a pretty busy schedule the following day.

Anyway, here is what happened the following day... 

Lisbon, till we meet again...



It was indeed a great pleasure to be back to the beautiful city of Lisboa. And what made the trip even more special was the presence of my better half who willingly obliged to take my cinematic OOTD! Lucky me!

Thank goodness the weather cooperated for my first OOTD in Lisbon. Here, I wore a matching cotton shirt and shorts from German designer Marten Viertel. I particularly like the uneven dye effect on both garments. It has that vintage worn-out look that reminds me of my ancient shirts that I still wear until now even if my Mom wanted to literally throw them out.
Top - Marten Viertel tee / Bottom - Marten Viertel shorts / Footwear - Converse sneakers
Accessories - Klasica leather bracelet + Ann Demeulemeester leather orb + Rigards sunnies

Photos by Joffrey Berti