Antwerp-based Jan-Jan Van Essche's latest collection absolutely blew me away. The collection echoes old world elegance with a modern twist. I love the simplicity and the laid-back sophistication of his garments. It's something you can practically wear 24/7 and even sleep in if you're too tired to change. Also, these are the type of garments that undeniably look better with age. So three, five, ten years from now, believe me these pieces will still look great. Up to this day, everything from Jan-Jan Van Essche's collection is still being manufactured in Belgium using the best natural materials. So rest assured you get only the best quality. 
I have featured the talented Belgian designer a couple of times on my blog and I am glad that Atelier Solarshop's Pietro Celestina allowed me to use Jan-Jan's latest collection for this mini-editorial. My name is practically written all over on every single piece. I cannot wait to have something from this collection. 
Anyway, here is the entire set. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Styling - Pietro Celestina / Photography - JP Singson / Model - Lamine Diouf
Jewelry - 1-100

Big thanks to Jan-Jan Van Essche and Pietro Celestina for making this shoot possible.

For more info on Jan-Jan's work head to www.janjanvanessche.com.



Perhaps my obsession with leather somehow signifies that I can never be vegetarian. I completely admit that I have a leather fetish. The sight, the smell and the touch of leather do turn me on. There’s nothing better than a distressed beat-up leather. It's a known fact that leather undeniably gets better as it ages. So you can just imagine how ecstatic I was when I stumbled upon a really interesting lifestyle brand from Japan focusing on leather at the Void Showroom in Paris.

T.A.S. is an innovative conceptual leather accessories label from Tokyo founded by Tetsuya Ando, a former production manager of darkstyle cult label Julius. It specializes on creating functional artisanal leatherware. T.A.S. collaborates with the best Japanese artisans to produce unique wearable art that bridges Japan’s rich traditional culture to the fast-paced modern world. 

At the Void Showroom, T.A.S. presented leather in all its glory from wearable accessories and jewelry to decorative homeware. Initially, T.A.S. was a clothing and accessories brand that eventually evolved into a lifestyle brand offering pretty much everything you can think of. Below are some of their obras on display at the showroom. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to include a photo of the coolest water-resistant umbrella made of leather that I have ever seen in this lifetime!

Big thanks to T.A.S.'s Taka Arakawa and Void Showroom's Esben Blegvad for making this feature possible.

All images provided by T.A.S.

Check out www.t-a-s-japan.com for more leather eye candy!


To pay homage to my favorite Japanese designer, I wore a full Yohji Yamamoto ensemble except for the footwear and accessories. This Yohji shirt with loose strings really goes perfectly well with my A-line shaped-kilt. I like how masculine it still looks even if I'm actually wearing a borderline womenswear piece. I kept it simple and chic by not wearing any accessories except for the hat and of course my glasses.
Top - Y's button-down shirt / Bottom - Y's kilt / Accessories - New York Co. felt trilby
Footwear - Guidi derbys / Eyewear - Rigards horn spectacles

Photo by Homme Urbain