Hats off to the Saint Laurent PR team for taking care of International Press like me. I was initially given a standing ticket but on the day of the show I was upgraded to a seated one. Everyone knows that Saint Laurent is one of the toughest shows to get into. So frankly, just getting invited to the show was already beyond amazing. Getting a seat was just an icing on the cake let alone sitting across rock legend Lenny Kravitz who looked absolutely debonair in head-to-toe Saint Laurent.

Hedi Slimane, the creative director of Saint Laurent, is probably one of the reasons why I got hooked on fashion. His glory days at Dior Homme was sort of my fashion awakening transitioning from a trippy hipster into a full-pledged metrosexual. I can still remember my very first raw MIJ (Made in Japan) denim I purchased at full retail price at the Dior Homme boutique in Beverly Hills. At that time, I was obsessed with anything raw denim. And acquiring a Dior Homme denim was the same feeling as purchasing something at a Rolex dealership. 

The collection is still a continuation of Hedi's ongoing infatuation with rock and roll infused with Americana and bohemia. Intricate embroidery, bejeweled embellishments, hipster super skinny jeans, exotic animal prints, oversized ponchos, peasant dresses, relaxed cowboy shirts, tailored Napoleon coats and tailcoats predictably ruled the Saint Laurent runway. Nothing extraordinary though except fine craftsmanship and luxurious materials for people with discriminating taste. 

Again, special shout-out to the Saint Laurent team for allowing me to experience the show of one of the reasons why I started a blog in the first place. Who knew that one day I would end up in a Hedi show and yes in Paris of all places! Indeed, anything is possible.

For more info on Saint Laurent go to www.ysl.com.



Inspired by exotic resorts, Yusuke Takahashi's latest collection for Issey Miyake Men takes us on a tropical expedition. Experimenting with unusual fabrics such as abaca, pineapple and kibira (linen), the young Japanese designer created flawless looks for future rendezvous in Saint-Tropez, Maldives or the Amazon rainforest. 

For this collection, Issey Miyake Men collaborated with BLOOM Association, an NGO dedicated to marine conservation. Funky images of deep-sea creatures were digitally reproduced on the textiles to raise awareness of the fascinating beauty of deep-sea fauna and the urgency to protect it. 

Aside from the eye-catching prints from the collab, pop art images of bananas and pineapples, reminiscent to the works of Andy Warhol, were plastered on some of the pullovers, jackets, short pants and even on the bags. Also, Takahashi playfully mismatched fabrics to create lively ensembles with noticeable opposing textures and colors. The collection, in general, has a youthful appeal and sportswear vibe. It seems like Issey Miyake Men is reaching out to the younger generation offering wearable versatile day to evening looks with matching functional accessories. 
For more info on this label check out www.isseymiyake.com.



Every season I look forward to the Henrik Vibskov spectacle. The Danish designer is known for his unconventional presentations which oftentimes include gimmicky artistic performances, outrageous props and elaborate stage design. His latest collection without a doubt had all these elements and more. It was a grand production number showcased outdoors at Place Baudoyer. The runway show commenced with a poignant high-octane performance number from the Norwegian National Ballet which everyone absolutely loved. Front-row attendees like me left the show a bit drenched after the dancers literally dived into the pond with water splashing everywhere. It certainly took interactive runway presentation to the next level. 

As for the collection, Vibskov definitely delivered some really outstanding quirky looks mixing casual sportswear and avant-garde pieces. Aside from Vibskov's signature vivid three-dimensional prints, some of the highlights included matchy-matchy laser-cut out numbers, oversized "face" embossed pullovers and padded bomber jackets. And of course, a Vibskov show would be incomplete without those outrageous, scene-stealing pony hair caps which looked beyond adorable. Lets just hope that those incredible pieces go into production. Surprisingly, this season's footwear was much tamer than last year's insane wooden man wedges. 

All in all, Vibskov's latest collection is one of his strongest to date. After all these years, the successful Danish designer still has everyone on pins and needles. And that's not an easy feat in the fashion world!
Check out www.henrikvibskovboutique.com for more info on this amazing Danish designer.