Sandro Marzo’s latest collection mirrors the apocalypse, the end of the world. No wonder the collection has that rough around the edges feel. The collection is sort of an updated sportswear, urban take on post-apocalyptic warrior garb as seen on movies such as Mad Max and the like. The use of leather, fishnets, perforation, draping, camouflage prints, raw finishing and excessive layering have oftentimes been associated to urban warfare dressing. The young talented designer from Basel also took a great deal of inspiration from the Maasai people, a unique and popular tribe from Africa. They are best regarded for their distinctive colorful traditional clothing and long preserved culture.To pay homage to them, the designer have incorporated a vibrant shade of red to the collection to represent the fierce spirit of this organically stylish and artistic people. All these references have been incorporated to create Sandro Marzo's army. 

Since the onset, Sandro Marzo has been working hands-on with factories in Switzerland and EU-based countries using sustainable natural materials to assure utmost quality. For this particular collection, he experimented with paper “washi”. It is a kind of paper that is generally tougher than ordinary paper made from wood pulp and is commonly used in clothing as well as many traditional arts, household goods and toys. Aside from the usual Sandro Marzo silhouettes like the three-quarter coat with three-quarter sleeve, one-button collarless blazer and man-skirts, this season he introduced “salopette” which is basically overalls or dungarees. It is a type of garment which is normally worn as protective clothing when working.

After graduating in Basel Institute of Fashion Design and interning for Boris Bidjan Saberi, he launched his own eponymous high-end menswear line in January 2013. Since then, he has created four collections to date. According to Sandro, he aims to show the sensitive side of men through his work. Most of his creations can be worn by either sexes. The young designer cites designers such as Yohji Yamamoto for his fantastic volumes, Rick Owens for pioneering the darkstyle trend and Rei Kawakubo for blurring the gender line, as major influences to his work. Sandro greatly believes in sampling of ideas where you remix everything and create something new, something original out of it.

During Men's Paris Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to shoot a couple of looks from Sandro Marzo's latest collection. Unfortunately, due to my tight schedule, I only styled and shot two looks. Perhaps next season I would devote more time producing shoots similar to this one since I find great creative satisfaction in styling and toying with my camera. 

Anyway, here's the entire set I produced. It was shot a stone's throw away from Sandro's showroom in the Marais. I love how you can literally shoot anywhere in Paris and still achieve effortlessly picturesque images! Paris is such an amazing picture-perfect city in all angles! Very limited editing has been done on the images since I personally prefer realistic raw photos over photoshop overkill images. The images also have a certain street-style appeal which I absolutely love. Hope you guys like it.
Styling + Photography - JP Singson / Model - Till Fabian

Big thanks to Sandro Marzo and his team for making this shoot possible. And also to Till Fabian for pleasantly working with me. Special mention to Riccardo and Nicola of Tabo Store for introducing me to Sandro Marzo!

Check out www.sandromarzo.com for more info.



Last summer, I had the opportunity to meet Gaspard Hex through O Paris curator Lauren Bevis at the Stealthprojekt showroom. After our brief encounter, I was immediately drawn to the Paris-based jewelry designer’s warm and carefree personality. Not to mention the other-worldly meteorite-like jewelry and the coolest pyramid-shaped leather bag he was sporting at that time. My excitement heightened when I found out that he was presenting his collection at the Void Showroom which I was scheduled to visit. 

At the Void Showroom, Gaspard took me to a journey as he eagerly showed me his latest collection. Gaspard Hex jewelry have a dark shamanic aesthetic almost reminiscent to a talisman or an amulet. The young designer utilizes high-grade materials to create what is considered wearable art. Drawing inspiration from nature and various symbols, Gaspard believes that his pieces serve as a link between the past and the future. 

Since starting his artisanal jewelry line in 2011, Gaspard has worked with sterling silver, bronze and precious stones such as opal and diamonds. He has a penchant for experimenting with unusual out-of-the-box materials like meteorites. So far, he considers bismuth as the most unusual material he has worked with. Bismuth, is a white, crystalline, brittle metal with a pinkish tinge. Upon heating, this interesting element crystallizes. Then, as it oxidizes, it produces surprisingly beautiful rainbow-like colors. According to the talented young designer, he wants to integrate pallasites to his creations in the future. This rare and mysterious stony-iron meteorites are derived from an extinct plant that was destroyed during the formation of our solar system. When sliced and polished, these rocks from outerspace somewhat looks like those stained-glass windows typically found inside the church. No wonder they are considered the most beautiful of all the meteorites. Wouldn't it be absolutely amazing to have something made from a piece of celestial beauty?

Before pursuing a career in jewelry making, jack-of-all-trades Gaspard was producing electronic music. At the moment, he is focusing on his eponymous jewelry brand creating out-of-this-world pieces. Once in awhile, if his schedule permits, he occasionally deejays at some of his favorite venues. In fact, last fashion week, I spotted him spinning at the Mads Dinesen show. He recently collaborated with alternative French watchmaker FOB Paris designing limited edition pocket watches. He also produces exclusive jewelry pieces available at Galerie BSL, a design gallery which showcases unique and limited-edition works by established and up-and-coming artists. It seems like there's no stopping the young Gaspard Hex from taking over the world.

All images provided by Gaspard Hex

For more information head over to www.gaspardhex.com.



For the past five years of covering Men's Paris Fashion Week, I have been fortunate to see Walter Van Beirendonck's summer presentations. And in all honesty, until now the Belgian genius never fails to surprise me. Not only a technical and artistic designer, Walter Van Beirendonck is also an amazing visual storyteller who injects humor and surrealism to his collections. He still remains one of the most relevant designers of our time who serves as an inspiration to the new breed of young designers. 
His latest collection is a visual feast showcasing bold tribal prints, vibrant colors, elegant oriental embroidery, intricate beadwork, patchwork and deconstructed jackets inspired by the rich Oriental and African cultures. Known for being experimental and adventurous with his creations, Walter Van Beirendonck toyed with different proportions and fabric combinations. The deconstructed tuxedo-like jackets in rich brocade with detachable attachments and the dreamy onesies with attached dramatic tulle bibs and army tassels were undoubtedly the scene-stealers of the show. Only Walter Van Beirendonck can seamlessly combine masculine and feminine sensibilities into a look and still look great! 
For more Walter head over to www.waltervanbeirendonck.com.