It was love at first sight when I received this beautiful anthracite grey suit ensemble from my dear friend and amazing designer Barbara Bologna during the Men's Paris Fashion Week! Instinctively, I had a clear image of how I was going to style it with the rest of the pieces Barbara sent me. The handsome tailored blazer and baggy drop-crotch shorts combo is just absolutely perfect. Indeed, it was a match made in heaven. I love the contrast of both pieces in proportion and style. And the grey color was what I needed to break the black and white monotony. The straw hat and the leather tote (both from Barbara as well) were the perfect accessories to complete the look. 
Top and Bottom - Area di Barbara Bologna suit / Accessories - Area di Barbara Bologna hat and tote 
Footwear - Guidi derbys / Eyewear - Rigards spectacles

Special shout-out to Barbara Bologna for making me look good during Paris Fashion Week and for Andrea Ternelli for taking care of the parcel. I really appreciate it guys! Hope to see you guys in March! Besos from Manila!

For more info on Area di Barbara Bologna check out www.lab-area.com



Andrea Crews debuted into Paris’ official menswear calendar last June after almost over a decade in the industry. Andrea Crews is the alter ego of modern-day Renaissance woman Maroussia Rebecq, the founder and creative director of the French streetwear label. 

Entitled “Paris Museum Tour”, Rebecq’s latest collection was inspired by Paris, one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Literal references of this lovely city can be traced throughout the collection like the Eiffel tower charm bling bling necklaces and reproduction of paintings imprinted on the garments by celebrated Impressionist geniuses such as van Gogh and Monet. The proportions were generally oversized reminiscent to the 90's DJ Jazzy Jeff era. Some of the stand-out pieces from this collection were the oversized man-dresses for cross-dressers and the peek-a-boo matching tops and bottoms for exhibitionists. 

Indeed, Andrea Crews is not exactly for everyone. It takes some serious swag to pull-off their outrageous ensembles. But if you have what it takes to rock it, then, go for it by all means! 
Head to www.andreacrews.com for more info on this Parisian label.


Indeed, it was surreal to see the Rick Owens show let alone sit at the front row amongst the"darkstyle" community. Being a huge fan of the "granddaddy of goth" Paris-based American designer, it was a real treat to sit back and enjoy the spectacle unfold right before my very eyes. Even if this collection is undeniably not among his best collections to date, I still enjoyed every second of it. By enjoyable I meant the show was interesting and different. Once you have reached a status like Rick's in this industry you can infallibly serve anything. And rest assured your die-hard minions will eat it with full enthusiasm. Look at those sold-out Rick Owens x Adidas kicks that were pretty much everywhere last fashion week. Without a doubt, this successful collaboration cemented Rick as one of the most influential designers of our time.

Aside from the usual plethora of predictable blacks, there was a good amount of refreshing pastels in action, highlighted even more by the mutant-like make-up of some of the anorexic-looking lads. The look perhaps was inspired by Nightcrawler, the literally beast-looking superhero with three fingers and a tail with teleportation superpowers. The intricate patchwork and doodle-like embroidery tops as well as the one-shouldered leather cut-out vests were definitely among the stand-out pieces from this collection. Also, the space boot footwear was a bit gimmicky and gaudy for me. I still think Rick's classic geobasket trainers are still his best ones to date. It's always difficult to top the original design.

It looks like Rick Owens is trying to expand his territory by serving something different. I suppose we'll have to wait and see how his darkstyle followers react to this collection.
For more info head to www.rickowens.eu.