While packing my pretty cramped luggage for fashion week, I had some random epiphany on how to wear this gorgeous dark green wool overcoat from Julius. After a series of draping exercises, I realized that this jacket is by far the most versatile piece in my wardrobe. You can practically wear it in probably more than ten different ways. It's definitely a keeper. It's like having several jackets for the price of one. Practical, huh? It's the perfect winter travel companion. You can have completely different looks depending on how you style it. The one pictured below is one of my favorite ways of wearing it. It's relaxed yet still chic in my opinion. 
Top - Julius asymmetrical wool overcoat / Bottom - Cedric Jacquemyn wool trousers
Accessories - T.A.S. Japan beanie + Nico Uytterhaegen belt + Kuboraum glasses + Dior Homme tote
Footwear - Palladium x Richard Chai winter boots

Photos by Rayfux Re



I absolutely adore this sculptural wool coat from Japanese label Julius. I love its structured form and made-to-measure-like fit. The cut is very modern and sleek. Definitely a great investment for this cold weather here in Europe!
Top - Julius wool long coat / Bottom - Cedric Jacquemyn wool trousers
Accessories - T.A.S Japan leather beanie + Junya Watanabe MAN wool scarf + Kuboraum glasses
Footwear - Ann Demeulemeester