Tête à Tête - Best of Broadway 2008

Finally, I got all my Best of Broadway tickets a couple of weeks ago after months and months of waiting. Actually, there's a story behind those tickets. I originally purchased the tickets as an anniversary gift for my ex so we could spend quality time together. But lo and behold we broke up a few days before our anniversary. So, I ended up keeping all the tickets since it's non-refundable.

Anyway, the package includes:


Duncan Sheik's Spring Awakening is the ONLY reason why I bought the season's tickets. Tickets are available only to Best of Broadway subscribers....So I had no choice but to buy the season's tickets...I just can't wait to watch this show. It was last year's winner of Tony Award's Best Musical. And of course I can't wait to feast on the cute actors...And I highly recommend the soundtrack. Unbelievable lyrics...

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  1. heyyy its zana from harputs market! i finally started my own blog (garbagedress.blogspot.com).

    check it out.

    PS you owe me that photo from the other day!



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