The New Istilong Pangkalye

Please tune in the next day or two for the changes that I will be making for my blog to make it bigger and better...

In the meantime here are the drool-worthy items that I have been lusting for almost a month...

I can't wait for the sale season to kick in so I can cop one of these...sigh...

Guidi Side Zip Boots
Don't we all need another pair of boots. I know I do. My Jonny boots get pretty lonely. I think it needs another pair of boots. If I'm going to get a butch pair of boots in brown I would intstantly cop this. Hopefully they still have some in Italy when I fly out there this September!

Givenchy 8-Buckle Gladiator Derbys
These shoes scream sex in all the right places! OMG I have never been stimulated with any pair of shoes before until I laid on these sweet babies! I have seen this when I was in Hong Kong at the Givenchy store a few weeks ago. I was so close to spending all my money on these. If YSL has the Jonny Boots and Dior Homme has the Chelsea Boots, then Givenchy has these amazing Gladiator Derbys. For sure this derbies are destined to be a surefire classic!

Givenchy Large Shiny Leather Nightingale Bag In Dark Brown
I have been lusting for this bag the first time I saw it at Barney's. I heard Japanese's Men's Non+No just featured it as one of their so-called "it" bags. I have a feeling that the Nightingale is going to be timeless because of its chic and very functional design. You can wear it as a shoulder bag or a handbag. Perfecto!

Number (N)ine Sweatshorts with Cargo Pockets in Black
I have been looking for the perfect shorts to go with my Rick Owens Combat Boots and Rick Owens Astronaut Shoes. I think I have finally found it with these amazing fab shorts. I just love the slouchy design and the sweet pockets attached all over it.

Shellac Destroyed Bomber Jacket
This is one of the comfiest jackets I have ever tried on in my entire life. Too bad comfort doesn't come cheap. I have a feeling this up and coming label from Japan will be around for awhile.

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