Want Alert - Spring Summer 2009 Part 2

Here's the second part of my Want Alert!!!

Rick Owens "Intarsian Jacket" Lambskin Leather in Black
This is one of the classic Rick Owens jacket that gets reissued every season. I do want another Rick Owens jacket to add to my collection. I like this particular jacket because of its simplicity. I think once I get this I'll be all set for life with my outerwear gear. You believe me, right?

Hermès Birkin Bag
This is undoubtedly the ultimate bag for all fashionistas like you and me. I almost died when I saw this picture of Marc Jacobs wearing a skirt and holding a freaking gigantic Hermès Birkin. Don't you just hate that bitch. You know what. He can have all the beautiful boys but please do give me that precious treasure!

Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus Washed Twill Kilt
Rei Kawakubo never fails to surprise me. This amazing kilt looks great with leggings and boots. Definitely a must for gender benders! It definitely has a very high shock value. No wonder it caught my attention!

Dries Van Noten Printed Cotton Shorts
This pleated shorts totally reminds me of the '80s. I can totally see myself wearing this at church next Sunday. Can you just imagine the look on the priest's face? I might probably get blacklisted but who cares I'll start my own religion!

Lanvin Ruched Pinstripe Jacket
I totally love this Lanvin jacket. The first time my friend Joseph from Barney's San Francisco showed this to me I totally fell in love with it. Too bad being in love with Lanvin will certainly cost you an arm and a leg. Thank God we can always file for bankruptcy later.

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