Bag-a-holics - Hermès

Every fashionista out there knows that the ultimate bag to have in your closet is a Hermès Birkin. I can only dream to have such beauty in my possession.

Here are some drool-worthy pictures for you bagaholics like me...

If there's a heaven then this is what it looks like...vintage Hermès all over!

Looks like Mary-Kate loves her vintage Birkin!

Gosh Katie's Birkin looks bigger than her.

Why does Posh have it all? Beautiful husband and over a hundred Hermès bags...Don't we just hate her!

I just puked when I saw this. She certainly doesn't have the class to own one.

One of the most beautiful XL Birkins I have ever seen is Pharrell's custom-made purple Hermes made of crocodile skin valued at $67Gs. Totally balling!!!

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