On the Catwalk - Band of Outsiders Men's Fall/Winter 2009/2010

Band of Outsiders is staying to its All-American roots

LA-based Band of Outsiders is known for its chic clean-cut Americana aesthetic. Stephen definitely knows how to please his die-hard fans like me. For his Fall/Winter collection in New York he reinterpreted several classic American menswear pieces like the toggle coat, trench coat, sweatshirt hoodie, three-piece suit, cropped khaki pants and the peacoat. Everything in the collection was tailored to perfection to fit the body conscious alpha male. For me, there are a couple pieces that stood out like the the two-piece checkered wool suit and the cropped peacoat. It is always nice to see a splash of color every now and then and certainly Band of Outsiders does not disappoint when it comes to that department.

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