European Invasion 2009

I know I haven't posted here for awhile. I have been really crazy busy with the holidays and stuff. Anyway, I was backpacking all over Europe for two months. I accompanied my parents for the first three weeks and the remaining weeks I found myself hopping from one city to another all alone. It was my longest trip traveling alone. Definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. I would not change a single thing in my trip. Each city in Europe definitely has its own character which makes it special.

Here's my itinerary to give you a better idea of my trip.

Oct 2 Geneva
Oct 3 Epenouse/Besancon
Oct 3-9 Paris
Oct 9-12 Antwerp/Bruges/Ghent
Oct 12-15 Tilburg/Amsterdam
Oct 15-16 Milan
Oct 16-18 Padova/Venice
Oct 18-19 Florence
Oct 19-21 Rome
Oct 21-23 Geneva
Oct 24-25 Epenouse
Oct 26 Geneva

Second Leg of My Trip
Oct 26-Nov 4 Stockholm/Helsinki
Nov 5-7 Copenhagen
Nov 7-10 Berlin
Nov 11-14 Prague
Nov 14-16 Budapest
Nov 16-19 Barcelona
Nov 19-21 Madrid
Nov 21-25 Lisbon
Nov 25-27 Geneva

Gosh I couldn't believe that my trip is over. Oh well I guess I have to wait until my next one. My Euro trip has certainly changed me to become a better individual. I have learned to appreciate the simplest things in life that we often take for granted. This trip also allowed me to realize that there are so many good people out there so there's no need to be jaded. I have become more open-minded after this trip. Also, I have realized that people do not have to speak the same language to understand one another. Sometimes all you need is just a smile to get over the most difficult situations.

Here are some snapshots of moi

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