Philippine Fashion Week F/W 2010 Day 1 - Nothing to Wear

So on the first day of Fashion Week I literally came up with my outfit at the eleventh hour since I have been very busy preparing for my much anticapated trip to Europe!

I am one of the biggest procrastinator when it comes to dressing up. Usually I have a concept in my head but once I start getting dressed I end up changing a couple of things. I still like the idea of spontaneity. I hate well-thought out outfits because it doesn't look natural...effortless.

Anyway, here are some snapshots of the fabulous people that graced the event. It was held at the amazing SMX Convention Center at the ginormous Mall of Asia! Mad props to Ian and Mike for the tickets!

Always a pleasure seeing all my fashion friends here in Manila!!!

Designer schoolmate Julius Tarog looking extra dapper on the first day of PFW
Mike M wearing his fresh CDG button-up
Style Icon Karl L making androgynous uber sexy
Ian B wearing his own rad creation
Yekky looking HAWT with that beige asymmetrical jacket and his Miadore bib neckpiece
Nica Y always looks fresh...life is unfair!
Fashion chameleon Gelo channels his inner child to his playful getup
Comme much!?!
Paul J working the tribal trend with Sky G looking schmokingly HAWT
Fierceness to the next level
Color coordinating with Karl L
My Mom looking fierce in a Zara ensemble, Topshop pumps and Balenciaga purse
The Philippine Fashion Mafia - The Uys (Vince + Liz) & The Changs (Daryl & Andre)
Check out my DIY safety pin earring!!!

So..here's what I wore that ended up on the pages of Status Magazine Site!

Drapey Shirt - Indu Homme / Waistcoat - Vintage / Meggings - Zara x H&M
Bag - Goyard /Socks - H&M / Accessories- DIY / Shoes - Raf Simons
Photo courtesy by Status Magazine


  1. you all look so fierce! i like how your mom works her outfit! very chic..

  2. thanks for the kind words sweetie. glad you liked it ver!


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