My First Rocco

I have been wanting to get one of this for the longest time but it has been long sold out everywhere. Some people even had to put their names on the Rocco waiting list for months just to own this sweet piece of arm candy. I even looked for it in Paris last year but unfortunately it was nowhere in sight. So when it popped while I was doing my online window shopping retail therapy I almost gagged myself. I had no choice but to pull the trigger so I can put my Rocco misery to an end. I had it shipped to my Granny in San Francisco since I am no longer based in the US. Thank goodness my Aunt was kind enough to hand-carry it with her to Manila. So today I have officially joined the Alexander Wang Rocco bandwagon after receiving it from her. That being said now I know why this fashion craze started!

Now I just need to figure out how to get my hands on my other Rocco in black leather with black studs which is still in California. Hopefully when I return from my Europa trip it will be patiently waiting for me in my room.


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