Rocco Be Mine

My new babies! I can't wait to have 'em!!! I'm glad that the fashion angels are with me!!!

I'm getting this and this!!! Yay!


  1. amazing bag
    i loveeeeee the black one
    have you seen the PVC clear version
    its no where near as nice but its still amazing

  2. yeah...i've seen it. i'm actually getting both bags...sooo excited callum. the clear version is cute too. hey can you give me tips on the stores i have to visit in london. i will there from july 1-7..so excited!

  3. Oxford street is the main shopping street central in London well in my eyes anyway
    selfidges is the big department store it has practically every designer in and more
    knights bridge has Harrods and Harvey Nichols
    and you must check out my favourite designers flag ship store vivienne Westwood Worlds end in in Chelsea south west London

    London in general is amazing I go once a month and I love it so much everyone is so chic and fashionable you'll fit in so well with your style :D have an amazing time x

  4. i'm super excited...i can't wait to check out dover street market as well. there's a place called polyanna that's supposedly amazing...and hopefuly i get to check out oki-ni too


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