Recent Purchases - Euro Shopping Loot

I know at some point I have to start doing 12 Steps in AA after doing a lot of unnecessary purchases in the past 6 weeks. But will you blame me for all the ridiculous sales going on in Europe?

Anyway, I will definitely stay out of the shopping scene for awhile when I get back to Manila in a month from now. Hopefully, the shopping bug won't bite me when I get back to Paris. I guess I better say my novena while I'm still here in Stockholm where all the sales are just plain mind shattering!

In the meantime, here's a preview of few of the items I have copped in the last 6 weeks.

Givenchy Leggings (in red/black)

Givenchy Cut-out Oxfords

Givenchy Studded Nightingale

Comme Des Garcons Drop Crotch Shorts (I got the shorter version)

Acne Leopard Printed Desert Boots

Mismo x Another Magazine x Pilotto

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Double Layered Pocket Tank Top
(you can wear these several ways)
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Double Layered Pocket Tee
(you can wear these several ways)

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Twisted Pants

Whyred Clutch

Also...bought this amazing unisex apron skirt from Hope which I have been eyeing since last F/W 2009! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it at the Stockholm Outlet for a quarter of its original price. I also got this amazing crinkle tee from Hope! And some new raw denims from Whyred!!!

and other cheap Topman and H&M Stuff...


  1. WICKED JP!!! =)

    Cant wait to see those when you get home! =) Love love the Givenchy bag!

    I miss you!

  2. thanks.....see you soon nic!!!


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