Thanks to the guy who works for a Swiss fashion magazine for hooking me up with the Dries show. I couldn't believe that I was able to get into the very strict invite-only Dries Van Noten show where alot of VIPs graced the event.

Belgian designer Dries Van Noten is one of my favorite veteran fashion designers. He is one of the members of the acclaimed Antwerp 6. I have been following his work for several years now. When I was in Antwerp last year I visited his huge flagship store where I got a free copy of his amazing Fall/Winter 2009 lookbook.

The show was held at an abandoned lot in Paris. The venue was appropriate for the show since Van Noten introduced jeans and dress shirts with splattered paint all over it. Shades of brown and blue ruled the Dries runway. I can totally see my friend Chris Bull rocking all of this in San Francisco! I have gotten new Do-It-Yourself ideas after watching the show.

Check out the clip of his amazing collection.

Check out my photos below.

Here's a snapshot of the venue

I am digging the graffiti on the walls

Cole Mohr for your viewing pleasure!

Check out some close-ups below

I present to you the Dries Van Noten boys...


and the genius himself...

Great show from a great designer!!!

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