After the Rick Owens show, I hurriedly catwalked my way to the fashion bus. I heard of the fashion bus for the first time from Zana Bayne. Check out her amazing blog. She blogged about it when she attended the shows last year. Anyway, i will tell tell you guys more about the fashion bus on a separate post.

So, I got to the venue of the Juun J show on time. Thanks to the fashion bus. There were tons and tons of people waiting outside the venue. Most shows let photographers and VIP first . And then, they let people in based on what your invitation says. There's usually a code on the invites that tells you whether you are seated on the first, second or third row. They also have standing room for some people. If you are lucky enough, you might even take home a goody bag. In my case, I got a Juun J Flap shirt.

Korean designer Juun J is definitely one of my favorite progressive menswear designer. I have been following his work for quite some time now. He did a successful collaboration with Reebok before which sold out in stores very quickly. I am quite certain that after this collection he will be one of the names that the fashion circle will remember.

The Juun J show took my breath away. It was definitely one of my favorite shows. It's definitely on my Top 3 shows for Spring/Summer 2011. I totally love the range of the collection. Everything that walked the runway was fresh and wearable. I wouldn't have any second doubts buying the entire collection if I win the lottery.

Here's a look at the show!

So what were the highlights? Well, I totally love the footwear. Juun J once again collaborated with the genius of Kiroic for this collection. I loved how fabulous and at the same time functional the shoes are. And it looks very comfortable too. I have yet to try it though. Hopefully next year I would be able to find leftover pieces from this excellent collab. The French jet inspired jewelry at the show was simply immaculate. It was made by Indonesian jewelry designer and Royal Academy of Antwerp alum Heaven Tanudiredja. And lastly, I cannot wait to get a hold of those earth-shattering Juun J x Ground Zero printed shirts and leggings!

Check out some pics I took!

and the man behind one of my favorite labels...

Juun J

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