Day 1 was definitely kind of tough because I had no idea what to wear since I have never been to any shows in Paris. And to make it even worse the first show on my list was Rick Owens. If you don't know by now Rick Owens is one of the most anticipated shows in the fashion circle. So obviously I need to wear something kick-ass so I can gatecrash the show. Obviously, wearing something black and gothic-y were on top on my list since it is after all a Rick Owens show. I opted to wear a black trench coat, black low crotch trousers, black combat boots and a printed gorilla shirt.

After putting on my Day 1 outfit, I got on the Metro and headed to Palais Omnisports de Paris.

When I got to the venue, it was kind of cool how they placed a signage pointing to where the venue was held. So I followed it until I got to the place where all the bouncers and press people were hanging out. When I arrived the place was quite empty yet. And then, eventually, fashionistas started arriving. It was quite funny how some people were dressed with thick jackets and scarves considering the weather was very hot. I myself had to take off my light jacket due to the immense heat. The crowd at Rick Owens was definitely a spectacle. I took my camera out and snapped away immediately!

Being a social butterfly that I am I started chatting up a couple of French girls who turned up to be nieces of Rick Owens' supplier of exotic fabrics. So, their uncle hooked me up and I was able to get in the Rick Owens show. It was like a true Cinderalla story from a fashionista's point of view. The show was amazing. What a way to start my Paris Fashion Week experience, right?

Check out the video below.

I have always been a big fan of Rick Owens since 2007. Most of the pricier items in my closet comes from his Maison. So he's definitely the culprit for all my maxed out cards when I was still living in San Francisco. I did enjoy the show. I particularly adore those amazing cuffs and skycraping wedges! All the leather outerwear that walked the runway are undoubtedly cop-worthy for any fashionista. I do admit that I am not a big fan of those Mother Theresa-inspired headpieces and those hideous looking one strap tanks. I also do not get those odd-looking and bulky leg thingies.

Here are some of the photos I took. Excuse the quality. It was my first show so I was still trying to figure out how to do the settings on my camera.
Click here for more info on Rick Owens!

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