One of the things that you need to have during fashion shows is patience. Believe me you need lots of it during Fashion Week since you will be waiting outside the shows most of the time due to last minute preparation. I have to say that I waited quite a bit at the Smalto show.

Frankly, I have never heard of Smalto before.

Obviously I do not have any high expectations of this particular label since I am not familiar with it. I did manage to google it up after seeing it on the list of designers showing during Fashion Week. It is definitely one of the most toned down shows in Paris. I would definitely recommend Smalto if you're looking for something classic and timeless. The pieces are definitely very commercialized. Smalto offered well-tailored basics for the more conservative kind of guys.

Here's the video below.

It was quite hot that day so I am sure you will see alot of people fanning the invitations away! Also, lets see if you can find me on the video!

I manage to take a few photos during the show. Check it out guys!

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