So after the Yamamoto show I hurriedly went out to catch the fashion bus. But unfortunately it already left. Since I did not know how to get to the Henrik Vibskov show I ended following a couple of Japanese guys who were also at the Yamamoto show.

It turned out they were heading to the Adam Kimmel show. NOT the Vibskov show. I was totally pissed at myself for not getting directions ahead of time. Since I obviously did not have enough time to get to the Vibskov show I decided to just stay at the Kimmel presentation.

I surprisingly enjoyed the Adam Kimmel collection presentation even if it was totally not my style. Thanks to the overflowing booze and the nice ambiance. The scene was just fantastic. Even if I was in Paris I felt like I was in New York hanging out with Jay-Z and P Diddy. The designer placed a cool vintage American car in the middle playing loud rap and hip hop music. It was surrounded by thugged out models sporting his latest collection.

Mr. Kimmel totally brought gangsta clothing to the next level...

Check out his complete S/S 2011 Collection!

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