Pardon the very few blurry runway photos. I was literally shaking in disbelief while taking photos. And the lighting was terrible inside Couvent des Cordeliers. I guess that explains why everybody was given a flashlight as a souvenir. The collection was superb. Too bad it was quite difficult to capture in the dark. I will post runway pictures later on to point out the one piece from this amazing collection I would kill to have!!! I'm crossing my fingers. Hopefully they still have one for me when I get back to Paris next year.

Couvent des Cordeliers

I had to take a photo of this uber chic chick outside the convent. Check out her shredded dress and her Ann D wedges!!!

An avid Ann D fan waiting outside

My compadre Gab

Remi patiently waiting with everybody outside

Mark showing off his hilarious tee which I love

and the show begins...

Truly, Ann D has been one of my role models in fashion. Thank you for ceaselessly inspiring me with your obra.

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