You might have probably seen or heard of Ato, a contemporary progressive label based in Tokyo. It is most famous for its covetable sneaker collection. International celebs like Kanye West and super Korean gheybands, I mean boybands are huge fans. Matsumoto's design was the primary inspiration for those LV x Kanye sneaker collab. Anyway, when I was in Japan last year I had the pleasure of checking out their flagship store in Tokyo. And yes, the shoes as well at the clothes did not disappoint me. And that's a lot to say considering how picky I am. I just had to give in to my urges. So, I ended up copping a couple of pieces from their Spring Summer 2009 collection. 

Enough of the segue and lets get back to business. By looking at Matsumoto's latest collection, you can see the transition from the ivy league preppy look to a more matured goth-inspired look. It kind of reminded me of my own transformation from an Abercrombie & Fitch goody two-shoes angel to a Rick Owens i-don't-give-a-fuck mandrogynous rebel.










Fresh, huh? I wouldn't mind getting everything on the last 8 looks. 

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