Bag-a-holics - Bless x Longchamp's Bangle Tote

This is definitely one of my favorite collabs ever. Thanks to the German label BLESS!!!

Too bad it's sold-out in Paris! I would have robocopped this instantly!!! I know my designer friend Don Protasio adores this too. I wonder if I can find this on ebay...


  1. i NEED that in my longchamp collection!

  2. i know right...cge lets see if we can locate the holy grail...

  3. JP!

    saw one seller selling this in Manila!

    it's www.longchampdemanille.com

    i know, it's really sold out everywhere else...but they have it daw!

    i'm thinking if I should get...or maybe you should get one first, then me! hahaha

    let me know!

  4. how much are they selling it? do u know? i can't find it on their site??? it's like 500 plus tax in the US.

    i actually got one already. are u interested in getting one? let me know kse i bought 2. one for myself and the other to sell...i always buy in pairs kse.


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