So I decided to go dumpster dive chic today by wearing my cut-out Ann Sofie Back x Cheap Monday sweater that I got in Stockholm 2 months ago. Gosh I can't believe it has been two months already since my Euro trip. Anyway, enough of the reminiscing shit. Lets get into the meat of my post. I know it sounds really unusual for somebody like me who's apparently into fashion to say that i don't do dress rehearsals for any shows or events that I go to. I usually just pick out the clothes that I'm wearing on the very same day. Frankly, I'm not a big fan of contrived, well-thought out get-ups. I like spontaneity. I hate very polished looks. For some reason something TOO perfect kind of bores the hell out of me. 

Anyway, I paired my sweater with my American Apparel low-armhole tank which my friend Junjie from San Francisco gave me. Lately I have been soooooooo obsessed with tank tops. I can't wait to get my hands on some more tanks from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair when I get to Stockholm next year. As for the other half of my outfit, I wore a pair of shorts over a pair of shredded stockings which I made myself. The cut-out oxfords are from Givenchy. Of course, I had to wear them since my theme for tonight was cut-out!

Hat - Christie's / Glasses - Dita / Sweater - Ann-Sofie Back x Cheap Monday / Short Meggings - DIY
Shoes - Givenchy / Bag - Balenciaga

Excuse my duck-like mouth expression....I was being interviewed by somebody...I'm really really really bad with interviews. Until now I still get nervous whenever somebody is interviewing me. I guess I am still a shy boy after all. Well I hope you guys like my outfit.

By the way, that beautiful lady behind me is my wonderful Mom. Yes I'm a Momma's boy...