So I decided to go dumpster dive chic today by wearing my cut-out Ann Sofie Back x Cheap Monday sweater that I got in Stockholm 2 months ago. Gosh I can't believe it has been two months already since my Euro trip. Anyway, enough of the reminiscing shit. Lets get into the meat of my post. I know it sounds really unusual for somebody like me who's apparently into fashion to say that i don't do dress rehearsals for any shows or events that I go to. I usually just pick out the clothes that I'm wearing on the very same day. Frankly, I'm not a big fan of contrived, well-thought out get-ups. I like spontaneity. I hate very polished looks. For some reason something TOO perfect kind of bores the hell out of me. 

Anyway, I paired my sweater with my American Apparel low-armhole tank which my friend Junjie from San Francisco gave me. Lately I have been soooooooo obsessed with tank tops. I can't wait to get my hands on some more tanks from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair when I get to Stockholm next year. As for the other half of my outfit, I wore a pair of shorts over a pair of shredded stockings which I made myself. The cut-out oxfords are from Givenchy. Of course, I had to wear them since my theme for tonight was cut-out!

Hat - Christie's / Glasses - Dita / Sweater - Ann-Sofie Back x Cheap Monday / Short Meggings - DIY
Shoes - Givenchy / Bag - Balenciaga

Excuse my duck-like mouth expression....I was being interviewed by somebody...I'm really really really bad with interviews. Until now I still get nervous whenever somebody is interviewing me. I guess I am still a shy boy after all. Well I hope you guys like my outfit.

By the way, that beautiful lady behind me is my wonderful Mom. Yes I'm a Momma's boy...


  1. DA' GIVENCHYSSS!!!! so amazing!! and u look great!

  2. i knew that sweater was from Cheap Monday the moment I saw it! Cut-out design palang! I wanted one too! Saw one sa Nastygal. You look great, jayps!!! See you tomorrow, k?

  3. i'm super happy that ann sofie's designing for cheap monday..magaling sya talaga. one of my fave swedish designers for sure. see u tom honey...bongga outfit ha so i can take your photo for metro..


  4. i looveeeeeeeeee..

    we have the same thinking.
    perfect = bland as oatmeal

  5. PAK PAK PAK...

    ganda mo talaga Karlie!!!


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