Before starting my expedition I did a little bit of research regarding what places I should see in London. A couple of online sites recommended several markets in London. Due to time constraint I had to narrow it down to two markets. So I ended up choosing Camden Lock and Brick Lane.

It was nice strolling around Camden Lock during a lovely sunny day with my friend Keith. He showed me a couple of interesting stores while we were there. Too bad I won't be able to share photos with you guys because taking photos inside the stores is strictly prohibited. Oh well! I totally had a great time. Anyway check out some pics I took during my trip there...

Drunk bastards getting some tan

This is how Londoners spend their Saturdays

Vintage shopping anyone?

Totally love this massive store for circuit kids. They have live dancers busting moves all day...

Donuts anyone?

Cool vespa seats huh?

British punk in the flesh

A huge pair of Docs

A cheesy pose from yours truly...Hope you enjoy my Camden Lock escapade...

Vest - Number (N)ine / Tote - Dior Homme

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