When I was in Vienna last August I ran into this really cool museum area called Museums Quartier. It's like the counterpart of supermalls in the art world but way cooler. There are several museums, cultural organizations, cafes, restaurants and stores you can find inside to keep you busy while strolling around the quarters.

Since I didn't have much time on my hands that afternoon I decided to just check out Mode Quartier 21. At that time, they had a fashion exhibit entitled Fish & Chips, Twice Please that showcased British fashion designers. I was quite surprised that I was not familiar with most of the featured designers except for Nicholas Kirkwood of course. Most of the pieces on display were kind of out there and costumey. But I think the designers who participated wanted to challenge themselves artistically that's why they went all out with their pieces.

Check out some of the pics I took of this really neat place.

Aren't these so-called enzos (these cool lego-like furniture) awesome?

Entrance to the Mode Museum

These wedges are the "shit"!!!

Make sure to swing by this fantastic place if you are visiting in Vienna. Believe me you won't regret it!

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