Lately, I have been getting inspiration from fashion designers like Juun J and Songzio. Both extremely talented Koreans are taking fashion to the next level by making garments with unconventional silhouettes and combining natural fabrics with hi-tech ones. Just recently I discovered another progressive Korean label Groundwave, comprising of Kim Sun Ho and Park Jung Eun. Ancient Greece is the inspiration for their latest collection. During that period clothing was very relaxed and laid back. Greeks used draping in order to make various shapes since sewing machines were obviously not invented yet.  

The duo have showcased their collection in Europe. And so far it has been positively received. From the sound of this it looks like Groundwave is here to stay. I wouldn't be surprised if they show in Paris next year.









All Photos courtesy of DazedDigital.

The collection as a whole is quite strong. The looks are quite cohesive enough except for the last two uninspiring looks. I mean I know they need to include some sort of basics to reach a broader audience. But come on I don't think it is quite necessary to include it on the runway show. It just looked out of place after seeing several avant-garde pieces. Stand-out pieces for me are the origami-inspired jacket and vest. 

So which pieces from the collection did you like?


I appreciate your feedback...