After the Damir Doma show my friends and I decided to paint the town red!!!

Everybody was craving for junk food so we had to make a pit stop at McDonald's. It was funny how people were staring at how I was dressed at McD's. I was quite surprised with the attention I got considering I was in the fashion capital of the world. Most of them were obviously out-of-towners. Whatever right...

Charles of still hype & Andrea of parismostwanted

Pigging out at McDonald's after a fashion show is pure bliss

Charles feeding Andrea

Gab of tokyoonacid making sure the soda's empty

Double trouble twins

Horsing around Paris with the gang

Strike a pose Andrea


Charles and Samia showing some

Extreme close-up

Charles doing his zombie face

Gab and moi

Doing my thing

Samia of goldzmine doing her thing

Vest - Initial / Tank - 5cm / Pants - Comme des Garcons /Hat - Damir Doma
Boots - Rick Owens / Tote - Dior Homme

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