The Lauterbach presentation made me felt like I was in am museum more than a fashion installation. I personally adored the rose installation that greeted the guests. Guests were allowed to pick any flower to his or her liking. So I chose the whitest of the white flowers I found for obvious reasons. And then of course there was overflowing champagne to make everybody happy! It was kind of cool also how Tillmann mingled with the guests at the show. I even got to talk to him while he was doing his rounds.
do like the ninja warrior casual day feel that his collection exhibited. Not that I know any ninjas in real life. There are several wearable pieces in the collection. I love the luxe fabrics he used for his distressed shirts. Check out the cool sandals from this collection. It comes in black and nude. Hopefully they still have one left for me when I return to Paris next year.

Some boy candy for you guys...Posterboy Simon from Germany

And the genius behind his eponymous label...Mr Tillmann Lauterbach showing his pearly whites...

Thank you for the great show!

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