One of the shows I was looking forward to watch in Paris was Tim Hamilton. My friend Jenny Chung who owns and runs the fab Acrimony store in San Francisco got invites for the show. She was kind enough to tag me along with her. Unfortunately, a day before the show we found out that the show was cancelled. What a big disappoinment, right? Tim Hamilton is one of the few American designers who I am really fond of. His clean and minimalist aesthetics is obviously his strongest asset. He also has a clear vision as a designer as appropriately represented by his previous collections. And I'm glad he oftentimes introduce silhouettes that I have never seen on the runway before. He also has this way of reinterpreting classics to something progressive. That is absolutely a true mark of a great designer.

Anyway, here are some pics from his Spring/Summer 2011 collection courtesy of Slamxhype. Definitely it's another very solid collection from one of my favorite designers. I cannot wait for the day to finally own one of his pieces. In the meantime, lets altogether drool. I absolutely love every single piece. Question guys. Does Raf Simons come into your minds after seeing this collection? Oh well whatever right. I still love it and I think it's definitely very Tim Hamilton-esque if that makes sense to everybody.

So if you want to look like a modern sophisticated man...then start saving up before Tim's S/S 2011 hits your favorite stores...


  1. OH. MY. GODDD!!! all of this is effing BEAUTIFUL!! I need everything!

  2. AMEN..

    and the shoes are to die for...it looks guidi to me..


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