I have been following Japanese label The Viridi-Anne for quite some time now. Thanks to that one-sleeved cape which I should have bought at the Archive in San Francisco a couple of years ago when I had the chance. Until today I still regret letting that elusive piece walk away from my hands.

After the Kremer show, I ran into Michael Ford of anastasia-duck who was heading to the VA presentation. Since I had no prior commitments I decided to tag along with him.
After the registration we headed right away to the castle-like tower where Jack the Reaper look-alike models greeted us with the designer's latest collection entitled "Blue Period" (Shades of Evening). Blue Period is the term used to define Pablo Picasso monochromatic paintings in the shades of blue and blue-green from 1901 to 1904. It also refers to that time of the day between sunset and night wherein the sky changes from light blue to grey and then eventually to pitch black. The designer wished to invoke the elegance and melancholic beauty of Picasso's work of this time and the feelings and moods that this time of day seem to provoke in artists and romantics in history. So as we experience our own "Blue Periods" in our problematic lives may we find joy and beauty and strength to eventually succeed like Picasso.

Brace yourselves with another obra from The Viridi-Anne.

As always the accessories and all the buttery soft leather pieces are to die for. I am also currently obsessing on those degrade shirts and those leather gloves. Also, you can totally mix and match every single piece in this collection.

Below is a snapshot of what the scene at The Viridi-Anne looked like

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