Unless you've been living under a rock, then, I am quite sure you have seen the breathtakingly beautiful Nina Ricci heel-less shoes, McQueens lobster claws, Kirkwood for Rodarte heels, Rick Owens wedges and the like which are stunning fine pieces of art in itself!

Add to that roster of Michaelangelos and Leonardos of shoes are these out-of-this-world modified Chuck Taylors by Asher Levine. My jaw literally dropped after laying my eyes on them. I mean these rad sneakers should be placed right next to a Monet painting or a Degas sculpture at prestigious museums like MOMA or Louvre. Mad props to Asher Levine for doing a great job reinventing the Converse classics by using exotic leather/fabric and altering the shape. It undoubtedly added a flair of drama and flamboyance to its old pedestrian conservative look.

Can you imagine when Tommy Ton sees these? He'd probably collapse due intense visual stimulation before he even takes a snapshot of it. 

Well, you be the judge and tell me what you think of these insanely amazing kicks!!!