On the last day of PFW I opted to wear something a bit formal compared to the previous fits I donned during the festivities. Of course, I ain't showing up there looking like a complete Electrolux salesman or a Wall Street broker. So, I added a little twist to my outfit by wearing an apron skirt I got from Stockholm. Then, I untucked my shirt to look more casual. The Goyard bag was used to add some contrast!

How funny someone told me at one of the shows that I looked like a male version of Elle's Kate Lanphear. Tell me, who doesn't love the Kate Lanphear? 

Blazer with Hooks - Attachment Japan / Shirt - Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Pants - Whyred / Apron Skirt - Hope Stockholm / Shoes - YSL Jonny Boots / Bag - Goyard
Accessories - DIY

Photo courtesty of Stylebible.ph

Below is the exact blazer I wore except for the color and fabric. Mine is in black and is made of durable cotton. Check out the cool bottons. Love, right? I like how Attachment makes very simple yet elegant pieces. Like what they say it's all in the simple details that makes something more interesting and beautiful. I will seriously buy Attachment's entire collection if ever I win the lottery!

So, what do you guys think of my outfit?


  1. Ohhh Hapsical! I'm addicted to your blog. It's definitely one of my favorite blogs ever! And you got the BEST shoe collection!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!


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