I seriously miss the H&M collabs. I remember lining up for this shit with my best friend Marie when the H&M Powell store first opened way back in 2006. It was madness. We queued several hours just to get a glimpse of the Stella McCartney for H&M collab. I ended up not getting anything but enjoyed seeing shopaholics like me gone mad. And then eventually it became sort of like an annual adrenaline-induced shopping experience for me and predatory shopaholics alike.

But I have to admit the illest collab has to be the Comme des Garcons for H&M. Just to get a head start with the queueing I crashed at a friend's pad in downtown San Francisco. I was quite confident that I would be among the first 50 people there. To my surprise, there was already a long-ass queue when I got there so I was a little bit pissed at myself. But obviously blaming myself wouldn't do me good so I just brushed it off my sleeve to get good karma. 

All of the stuff was off the racks in like 3 minutes!!! 

I did manage to get a big ass shopping loot thanks to my superhuman shopping skills and my cousin who skipped school just to help me out. Hahahhaha! The crazy things we do in the name of Comme des Garcons. 

Circa 2008 outside the H&M Powell store

Look at the cheat sheet I prepared just for this craziness. I can totally be obsessive-compulsive when it comes to these things

My shopping loot more or less...hahahah.

Anyway, here are some videos that my friend Casanova uploaded.

Check out the long-ass queue below...Crazy beyond comprehension. The crazy Asians would do just about anything just to cop some designer shite!!!

Long line at H&M x Comme Des Garcons San Francisco from Steel Closet on Vimeo.

Let the games begin!!!!

Walking around H&M x Comme des Garcons from Steel Closet on Vimeo.


Pics and videos courtesy of Steel Closet.

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