If you have been following my blog then I am sure you know by now that I hardly wear anything colorful. Once in a while I'll add a jolt of color here and there just to break the monotony. But frankly I don't think I can ever pull off a rainbow diarrhea peg. It's just not going to happen unless Nicola Formichetti convinces me. Once you get older you'll feel more comfortable with monochromatic looks. 

Cardigan - Ann Demeulemeester / Shirt - Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair 
Leggings - Givenchy / Boots - Dior Homme / Bag - Alexander Wang / Socks - Uniqlo
Accessories - Attachment Japan

So for the 4th day of PFW I opted to wear some red to show my love for the festivities. How corny, right? Since I'm already wearing something loud and funky I toned it down by wearing a plain double-layer shirt (which you can wear several ways) and a chunky cardigan. I finished off my look by wearing a pair of chunky bondage boots and a brown duffel bag. Special thanks to Mark for the photo!!!

Photo courtesy of Stylebible.ph


  1. You've got an amazing style! I love this outfit :D
    The leggings are brilliant.
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  2. awesome..thanks...will check out your site!


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