One of the perks of being a blogger is getting invited to various events and shows and getting tons of freebies. Who wouldn't want freebies? Certainly not me! Earlier this week my friend Mike Magallanes of ToxicDiscoBoy invited me and my fellow blogger friends to attend an International Bazaar media/press preview at the posh Forbes Park Pavilion sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Diplomatic and Consular Corps. The International Bazaar, now on its 44th year, aims to raise funds for various charities that help the needy, the sick, underprivileged children, victims of natural disasters, medical institutions, among others. This project also intends to showcase goods and items of the International Community and Philippine companies at very reasonable prices.

Due to time constraint I was only able to interview a couple of representatives from various Embassies.


Before I started interviewing people, I decided to have a quick stroll around the venue to have an idea of what kind of merchandise to expect from the upcoming bazaar at PICC. When I saw the Mozartkugeln beautifully laid on Team Austria's table I knew right away that I just had to start my interrogation with them! Apart from the delectable Mozartkugeln goodies, there will also be other products that will be available at the bazaar like coffee, wine, home decor, wine, and even pastries. Lets just hope they have some freshly-baked strudels for me! Who knows they might even have the best chocolate cake ever in the face of the world - Sacher torte! According to Yan Donko, the wife of Austria's Ambassador, everything that they will be selling at the bazaar came from her own pocket. How generous of her, right? All proceeds from the bazaar will be donated to various charities aided by the foundation.

Here's a look at what Austria will be showcasing at PICC

I'm addicted to Mozartkugeln balls I swear

Some Yuletide home decor

When I get married I will give this as a party favor. Very cute.

More Mozartkugeln goodies...

Everybody loves Haribo gummi treats

Tea anyone?

Milka for a hundred bucks...why not?

The keeper of Team Austria


I swear Italy has the most stuff to sell at the upcoming bazaar.  Italy will be selling a whole range of assorted products from Murano rings to Italian silverware. According to Silvana, most of the items that will be available at the bazaar are donations from various Italian companies and benefactors. Aside from the ones that I indicated below, Team Italy will also have an onsite chef dishing out authentic pasta just for you. They will also have an Italian gelato booth for the kiddies and youth at heart.

Here's a sampling of the products that will be available

Wines and other alcoholic beverages

Beautiful Murano rings and bracelets

Viennese masks fit for Mardi Gras

Some more custom-jewelry for your discriminating taste

Quality Italian purses

Designer accessories for the ultimate fashionista

Yummy treats when you get hungry

Selection of wines and other alcoholic beverages

For the devout Catholic

More bedazzling jewels

Roberto Cavalli sunnies for the Paris Hilton in you

Vintage Fendi anyone?

Silvana heads Team Italy


Team France was the last participating embassy I interviewed before I called it a day. Minh Thu Bertrand, assistant of the Ambassador of France and wife of a Diplomat represented Team France. Of course, Team France will also have several goodies and treats for all you die-hard Frenchy lovers. Some of the goods that will be available at the bazaar are various wine, pate and jams. According to Minh Thu Bertrand, they will also be selling L'Oréal grooming products for both men and women. L'Oréal generously donated its products to the Embassy of France to support this very rewarding cause.

Assorted patte from Abra's Pamora Farm, the Home of Free-range Chicken

A very good selection of wines will be available at reasonable prices

There will be also be some confiture at very affordable prices


Some goodies my Mom bought from TEAM THAILAND

Grilled Crispy Pork 

Thai Chicharon which I fancy

Thank you Silvana for this lovely treat

More goodies courtesy of Team Italy

See you at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) on November 21, 2010. Let us do our part in helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters! 

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