So today the rest of the world gets to experience luxury through Lanvin for H&M. Canada and the United States had their launch three days earlier. Anyway, I found out that they released a couple of limited edition shirts in Japan. How unfair, right? Well, the Japanese have more dough than all of the San Francisco Ebay collabo resellers combined so of course H&M doesn't mind kissing their rears. And of course, Japanese hearts Lanvin more than anybody in the entire galaxy. I won't be surprised if they started camping earlier this month. Lolz. 

Here are the shirts that were only released in Japan that are currently selling at a ridiculous price tag of almost $300 on Ebay! It is kind of sweet but $300 you got to be kidding me people. It's like half the price of the real Lanvin. How outrageous right! Who in their right minds would buy this? 

Anywho, check it out below.

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