After 11 grueling hours (yes you heard it right) of waiting in line, H&M opened its doors to Lanvin's die-hard minions. I can just totally understand how exhausting the wait for everybody was. It takes endurance and patience to withstand shopping frenzies like this one. You need to be a little nuts as well. 

Thank goodness it stopped raining or else it would have been really, really bad. It was very frustrating to find out from my friend Marie that there were some people who shamelessly cut in the line just to get in the first wave of shoppers. And when my friend complained about the cutting in line incidence the security guard just  shrugged his shoulders and told her how he wished he was not working that long night shift. So obviously, her complaint was blatantly ignored. I mean hello if you have been waiting for more than 7 hours I am sure you would totally get furious too. I know I would. I'd raise hell right there and then. Thank goodness that the media was there to get some juicy scoop from very pissed off campers like my buddy. Too bad that the other people didn't had the balls to single out the culprits behind the cutting in line  drama. It was only my friend Marie who courageously voiced out her sentiment. Major props to you Marie for making yourself heard!

It saddens me to know that there are low-class shameless uncivilized people out there who would do such uncalled for practices and unjustifiably rock Lanvin paired with
freaking Lacoste or worse Ed Hardy. How horrible right? I just hope the thought won't haunt you in your sleep. And don't you think Elbaz would be pleased to know that someone is blatantly murdering his covetable pieces. Lets just wish the fashion Gods are listening to me right now as I utter words of animosity towards those pricks. So I'm hoping they'd step on some ginormous crap with their new shoes any moment now. That would totally ease my pain, I swear.

Anyway, it seems like H&M is sincerely making an effort to make the shopping experience much much worthwhile compared to the previous collabs where people just morphed into plain beasts. Been there, done that. For this year, H&M graciously showered the first 100 shoppers with a nice wool scarf and an eco tote to the first 320 shoppers. My girl Marie was ecstatic to be one of the few people lucky enough to snag both. It certainly was a nice token of appreciation from H&M. Check out below the sweet eco tote my friend Marie generously gave me. How cute huh?

Marie's queue buddy Taylor showing my new Lanvin ♥ H&M eco tote

So, at exactly 8:00 the first wave of shoppers frantically entered the store desperately grabbing whatever item they could. The sorting part comes right after their 15 minutes of adrenaline-induced shopping was over. Once their time is up, another set of 20 shoppers were allowed to get in the store. My friend Marie was lucky enough to be on the second batch of shoppers. Fortunately, she pretty much scored everything that we wanted except for the shoes that I have been lusting for ages. My ESP tells me that those 5 guys who cut in the line probably wiped out the shoes. 

Anyway, here's a peek at what we got...

Got the Tiger tee and the rest for my Mom and Maui

Cute new signature Elbaz bow ties...pure 

Some other stuff for my Mom. Oh, I also got a pretty neat pair of sunnies.

Again, thank you Marie for enduring all the Lanvin for H&M drama just to get me and my Mom all these fabulous stuff and for sending me hour-by-hour updates of the madness at the H&M Powell store. I am very fortunate to have friends who would run an extra mile just to make me smile. I cannot wait to rock every single item you got for me! Also, do send photos of you wearing those smashingly beautiful shoes you got for yourself Marie!!!

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