Unless you're not cool enough to follow my blog posts then I am sure you know by now that I have been frantically obsessing on those sweet Lanvin x H&M derbies in both electric blue and hot pinkish purple. Since my best friend Marie was not lucky enough to snag them for me in San Francisco, I contacted my BFFs in Stockholm right away to jump in my search for the holy grail shoes. Luckily, my partner in crime in Europe DJ was giddy enough to succomb to the queen's wish! Lucky me.

So, last night before I went to bed I gave DJ detailed pointers via Skype on how to triumphantly snag those elusive Lanvin x H&M derbies. Strategizing is the answer to any given dilemma. It's all about tricking those Swedes! Sorry I won't get into details since our strategy is TOP SECRET! After I bid him good luck at almost past 3 in the morning, I went to bed without any expectations. No expectations at all. Just letting the forces of nature work on its own. I knew it would be really tough to get those highly coveted shoes based on the madness that happened in the US and Canada. So, I closed my eyes and luckily fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

I have always been an early riser but today I was able to squeeze in a couple of hours of extra sleep. It's always nice to stretch your beauty sleep whenever possible. Since I didn't want to obsess on what's going in Stockholm, I decided to keep myself busy today. I'm glad I did or else I would have probably wasted my time at home googling for any updates on the collab. Met up with my friend Cedric for lunch at Powerplant in Rockwell. Then, headed straight to El Pueblo in Ortigas to attend Watson's product launch along with my fellow blogger friends. Of course, I was quite eager to get home to find out any possible updates on my shoe crusade. 

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