I am sure you guys are interested to know what the scene was like in Stockholm, the motherland of Hennes & Mauritz. 

Initially, my friend DJ planned to queue as early as 5AM to make sure he gets into the Top 50. Last night, I told him that he needs to get his ass to the store early if he wants to avail of the freebies H&M is giving away to early birds. Thank goodness DJ decided to go there a bit later because there was surprisingly a very short queue compared to the long stretch they had in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I won't be surprised if Swedes prefer to stay out of their below the zero degree pain-in-the-ass temperature they currently have. At 8AM, H&M finally started finally letting people in the store. So, DJ basically just waited an hour to get in the store compared to my friend Marie's 11 dreadful hours. I kind of had a feeling that Swedes are not the crazy types who line up for hours for stuff like this.

So when DJ got in the store, he immediately looked for my shoes. The funny thing was that they pretty much have everything in the store except for the shoes I particularly fancied. How frustrating right? Since they didn't have the shoes I like, DJ bought the copper ones instead.  Then, he hopped on the train heading to downtown Stockholm hoping to find the holy shoe grail over there. When he got to the main store in Stockholm, there was no queue at all and the store was surprisingly empty except for a few people here and there. He hurriedly walked over to the men's section and shockingly found both shoes I wanted in my size! Apparently, the shoes are super limited that H&M released only one pair per shoe color and shoe size. I suppose there were only less than 10 pieces sold in size 42 in both blue and purple throughout Sweden. So that makes me one of the lucky proud owners of these elusive babies! My friend ended up keeping his copper shoes after debating whether to keep it or not. And before he checked out, he was able to snag his free tote and scarf. Lucky bastard, right?  He also got me one of those cute unicef bags too for 30 kronor!

Anyway, muchos gracias to you DJ for braving the biting cold weather in Stockholm just to make your fellow baklita  (gay) friend happy! I cannot wait to finally rock these ferocious derbies in the streets of Stockholm! 

Check out the very quiet scene below in Stockholm

DJ at a very short queue at Kista H&M store in Stockholm compared to the super long lines in NY and SF

The almost empty lines in Stockholm

My friend DJ in Stockholm modeling our shopping loot and his fabulous Lanvin scarf

Will post pics of my new babies once DJ gets a chance to photograph them.

 In the meantime, check out the vid DJ took this morning.

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