I got acquainted with this Japanese label last year in London (Thanks to Sade for introducing me to this amazing brand) while perusing the new arrival selection at Vertice. I totally love every single piece. Too bad it's just way too pricey for me at that time so I had to leave the store empty-handed.

Anyway, Nude's latest collection is absolutely my favorite from designer Masahiko Marayuma. I love the all-black and all-white ensembles. Big surprise, right? Honestly, I have never imagined rocking an all-white getup. But after looking at these images I am quite convinced that it can actually work with the proper styling and swagger! Also, I'm totally digging that ciggie case even if I don't even smoke. You can hang it around your neck and use it to for decorative purposes. You can even use it as your going-out wallet at night where you can just stuff it with some cash and your black amex. Gosh, you can even squeeze in some condoms if there's some more room.  What else, do I like? Oh yes, I love those combat boots and that neat trench coat parka! 

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