Last Saturday I wanted to wear something laid back and comfortable at the Complex launch so I ditched my YSL Jonny heels and  wore my neglected Hope white lace-ups which I got at an outlet store in Stockholm last year. FYI, Complex is a new boutique located at the chic Eastwood Mall. I had a lot of fun. They had yummy hors d'oeuvres, overflowing booze, goodie bags and a pretty neat runway show. They even had Mitch Dulce and Quark Henares performed a couple of Cubao X tunes! Tidy, huh? Yes it was. 

So, here's what I wore. Thanks Stefan for the photo! Excuse my nalugi (depressed) facial expression. Just been really exhausted from three consecutive events. Believe me event-hopping can really be a full-time job I'm telling you guys.

Oversized shirt - Carin Wester / Pants - Comme Des Garcons / Shoes - Hope Stockholm
Accessories - Random stores in Paris and Glasgow / Bag - Peter Piloto x Colette x Another x Mismo


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