The kind folks at Metro Society featured me as one of their up-and-coming trendsetters here in Manila on their November 2010 Fashion Issue. The list included several personalities like photographer BJ Pascual, menswear designer Ziggy Savella, designer twins Kimi and Boop Yap, Argentinian model Eric Alessi, marketing exec William Hsu and blogger extraordinaire Tricia Gosingtian. It is absolutely an honor to be included in this crop of raw talent. I know I still have alot to prove to myself. But I am ecstatic that somehow my move back to Manila is slowly paying off. And hopefully the fact that people are noticing me is a good indication that I have something different to offer. But above all, I am very grateful that I am able to do something that brings satisfaction and happiness to me. Because at the end of the day money cannot buy you happiness!

Anyway, do get a copy of this fab issue. Believe me you won't regret! BJ Pascual's mind-blowing editorials will leave you breathless!!!

The modern muse triumvirate: Bea Soriano, Pauline Prieto and Maggie Wilson

I can be really serious too as most of you don't know...Thanks Pat Mateo for this lovely shot.

Hat - Christy's / Leather Jacket - Rick Owens / Double Layer Shirt - Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Pants - Comme Des Garcons / Accessories - From Scotland / Shoes - Rick Owens (not pictured)


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