We can never have enough shoes, right? I'm sure all of you guys would agree with me on that one. My friend Hector from San Francisco introduced me to these amazingly sexy heavy duty caravan boots by JW Anderson months ago. I have been searching for the perfect beat-up brown boots for awhile now after selling my Carpe Diem six-hole boots. So when I saw pictures of these babies I totally fell in love right away. It was love at first sight. As you can see, the quirky little details of the shoes like the strap on the front and the shoe lace stud bolts are just plain brilliant! I'm glad that JW Anderson didn't go overboard with the studs on the sides of the soles or it would have totally turned me off. Also, the pebbled leather makes me want to run my fingers through it. I'm sure it would look even better as it ages. Hopefully, I'd be able to find a store in Paris carrying this sweet pair of boots!

It's definitely a good investment piece if you're looking for the perfect boots that would last you a lifetime! Just make sure to call your bank so they can increase your credit limit!

Photos courtesy of JakandJil, LNCC and Oki-Ni

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