My obsession with collecting magazines started when I found this magazine called Encens for dirt cheap at this quaint little grocery store in West Portal in San Francisco almost three years ago. I just broke up with my ex at that time and I was looking for something that would keep me busy and help me enrich my right brain. My typical Sundays before involved strolling around different neighborhoods in San Francisco and going to my favorite stores and bookstores. At that time, I couldn't stomach paying over ten bucks on magazines so I'd spend half the day at bookstores leisurely browsing all my favorite magazines and books for inspiration. That's how I got acquainted with Margiela, Kawakubo, Lang, Simons and the like. I was too cheap to pay anything retail so I was quite ecstatic when I discovered that my favorite Mom and Pop grocery store sells all these fab fashion magazine back issues at rock-bottom prices. Yes, I was already a bargain hunter back in the day. No wonder half of my buddies rely on my powers when it comes to shopping. 

Encens is not cheap. Three years ago, I remember it costing almost 20 bucks. Thanks to my bargain grocery store find I only paid a quarter of that amount. I won't be surprised if it costs more now due to the continuous dollar devaluation. When I was in Paris, it was sitting on Colette's magazine rack for 18 euros. However, it was twice as thick as the one that I already have. I guess it's because it comes out once a year now compared to the previous biannual issues. Too bad I had to pass on getting it since it was way too heavy. I did not feel like paying excess luggage fees. It probably weighed almost 2 kilos. 

Indeed, there are so many magazines circulating nowadays but I think only Encens captures everything I want to see in a magazine. And of course they feature all my favorite avant-garde designers. And the editorials are to-die-for. None of that shit you see on magazines I won't mention. It's absolutely one of those magazines you read from cover to cover. This is why I don't really mind paying full price for it because you totally get your money's worth. 

Here's a look at my Encens #23. Hope you enjoy it guys!


  1. fascinating magazine. i'd like to get my hands on it.
    lately i look to the internet for style inspiration but i do miss having something in print to peruse (i gave up mainstream fashion mag subscriptions some time ago). encens seems to be in a whole other realm.

  2. encens is the only magazine i don't mind paying for. it's just mind-blowing! you should totally check it out.



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