Systeme D's main man Jean-Luc Dupont forwarded me the latest lookbooks of all the designers they're currently handling a few weeks ago. And I have to say Japanese fashion designer Seiko Taki is hands-down my fave among the bunch! From her monochromatic earth tones to her deconstructed and reconstructed conceptual designs, this former Ikebana teacher definitely makes haute-couture fashion pret-a-porter! And the layering is just phenomenal! I'd be clad in head-to-toe Taki if I were a chick. No questions asked. 

By the way, this post is dedicated to my blogger friend and Chictopia Fashion Icon Karl Leuterio! Your name is written all over this collection!!!

All photos courtesy of Systeme D

Okay, more Japanese womenswear designers please. We want to see something new on the runway. Of course, it has to be wearable too.  

Frankly, I'm sooooo over with all the girly girl and glam rock shit I have been seeing on the runway recently. Enough of that crap, okay! Let's move on to greener pastures people!


  1. yes time to move on!!
    POta. SUMAbog ang brain cells ko! pak
    tnx love

  2. there's so much innovation coming from japanese designers, they totally blow me away with their uniqueness and outre' aesthetic.
    i really fancy these ensembles but especially the all black, third pic from the end; the drapiness and casual ease translate into an incredible look!

  3. the all black number is my favorite as well!


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