Last Paris Fashion Week I accompanied my friend and fellow fashionista Jenny Chung to the Tranoi Spring/Summer Trade Show for Men. She was scouting for new labels to showcase at her fab boutique in San Francisco called Acrimony. It's actually one of my favorite stores in San Francisco. So be sure to check it out in case your'e in that lovely city. For more info about Tranoi check out my previous post here.

One of the perks that you get when you're at Tranoi is this amazing magazine eponymously called Tranoi magazine. Of course you get  some other stuff from Tranoi too like eco tote bags, catalogs of participating Tranoi merchants, sometimes truffles if you're lucky. 

Anyway, I totally love this particular 3D Tranoi magazine issue. It comes with a pair of pretty neat 3D glasses. Obviously, the images that you see here are quite blurry because you're not wearing any 3D glasses. You seriously have to rock the ultra cool Mykita for Romain Kremer glasses to be able to appreciate the full effect of the 3D images. 

Anyway, here are some footages for your viewing pleasure!

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