As much as I want to splurge on a lot of things right now specially with all the ridiculous sales going on I guess I'm going to spare myself from being broke before summer comes. Not all of us are born with a silver spoon. Some of us actually needs to make some mullah to make a living. Like you know whoring myself somewhere. I know it sucks that money doesn't grow on trees. C'est la vie! Well, I cannot wait for my trip to Hong Kong for my 25th birthday this Feb and Bangkok this March! I totally need to get some new stuff since I have been wearing the same shit for almost two years now. I'm probably getting some lame basic stuff that I can easily incorporate to my current wardrobe. Perhaps some more black and white stuff. Maybe some drapey and oversized shit. Yes I know I'm very predictable. But what can I say I'm on the practical side whenever I go shopping. I doubt if I'm going to get any big ticket items since most stuff in Hong Kong are still overpriced compared to Europe.

So most likely I will have to wait until June for the major sales in Europe for those highly indulgent unnecessary pieces I have been lusting for. So hopefully I don't have to pull the trigger on any big ticket item before my Euro vacay or else I will totally screw my budget. I'm crossing my finers people. Hopefully, I'll be able to snag all those items I have been fancying since last year.

In the meantime, enjoy shopping while I cry myself to sleep. Hope you get some good stuff!!!


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