So Givenchy finally released the shoes that will be hitting the stores this coming Spring/Summer 2011. Frankly, I am not very impressed with this collection. Last year's S/S collection was definitely heaps better. Remember those to-die-for studded gladiators? I still regret not being able to get at least a pair of those mandal gladiators. Thank goodness I was lucky to snag the last pair of the cut-out oxfords in Paris last year during the ridiculous summer sales. It has certainly become one of my staples last year.

Presenting Givenchy's S/S 2011 shoe collection...

This is one of the few pairs I wouldn't mind adding to my shoe collection. I just think the leather applique idea is plain brilliant! I particularly love this shade of tan. I am pretty sure that the color becomes much sweeter as it ages!

Yawn....I am not feeling the color combo of this one. It just looks way too cheesy for me Mr. Tisci.

I know animal print is all the rage now. But I seriously wouldn't mind rocking this one out! Look at the sweet details! Hopefully, this one would end up in the sale rack when I get to Paris this year! I am crossing my fingers!

Love the tip of this oxfords. I just hope it's real exotic leather not some croc-embossed leather.

Another sweet pair...Totally reminds me of the hi-top gladiator version.

I'd love to find out what this is made of.

I guess cork soles are quite popular this S/S 2011. I know Prada has something similar to this one.

I guess Givenchy is jumping on the man-heels trend with this two-inch heel!

If I don't get my hands on some Juun J or Songzio mandals I might have to settle for this pair. We shall see.

Looks like slip-ons with tassels are officially back in fashion.

This one is absolutely Horrendous with a capital H!

Scroll up...

Givenchy's sneaker collection is once again a disaster! Puma with a wrap-around zipper strap crap!

Ewwwww!!! Another total let-down!

This is like a bad interpretation of the KVA multi-laced sneakers

Photos courtesy of Givenchy


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