Korean designer Juun.J leaves us breathless once again with his visually stimulating collection. His latest obra absolutely brings us to a whole new spectrum. Juun.J is hands down one of the most innovative and brilliant designers of his generation. He never runs out of wild and wacky designs that can actually translate well not just on the runway but on the street as well. Whenever he designs something he considers the functionality of his creations.  Form follows function for the win! When you wear his pieces it's like you are walking pieces of art. One cay I shall own one of his most coveted pieces. You just wait and see! 

Some of the highlights of this orgasmic collection include those rad detachable capes, boat-sized boots, palazzo trousers, suit shrugs and chunky cable-knit sweaters. 

Juun.J gets my vote for the best collection for F/W 2012!!!

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