Ok, I seriously almost fainted after seeing these images. I have to say that this collection has to be one of Rick's best! I totally love every single look. If I win the lottery I will definitely go straight to the nearest Rick store and buy the entire thing without any second thoughts! Also, this collection is a far cry from the usual androgynous looks that Rick typically goes for. It's one of the most masculine collection he has done to date. And I am loving it! Do you guys think the master of darkness is finally maturing? I also love how he incorporated those metal pieces to the jackets. What another brilliant idea! The layering is divine as always. The luxe fabrics and the leather he used are absolutely stunning. Also, the footwear is to die for. I mean I have seen similar pieces from Italian and Japanese shoemakers before but I love Rick's twist to them! And the man skirts are orgasmic! I almost came after seeing it! Anyway, kudos Rick to another great collection!!!

Will update this evening for a detailed review!!!

Definitely one of my favorite looks from this collection. Very streamlined and clean. I love how Rick used different textures of black. Those leather knee-high boots are pure SEX.

This three-quarter length waistcoast is another brilliant idea. Visually stimulating yet practical at the same time. That's form and function for you!

Another variation of the first coat!

Whoever conceptualized the futuristic side faux hawk gets major props from me!

I wonder if the model is wearing a skort or a long shirt dress.

Layering at its best

Love the front panels of the jacket. And damn those boots are to-die-for!

Another favorite look from this collection. The leather kilt just takes my breath away.

I love the stiffness of this leather jacket

This cropped leather jacket is definitely one of my favorite pieces!

Another variation of the cropped jackets. This time it's sleeveless.

Rick Owens's signature asymmetrical waistcoat is a must if you're a full-pledged goth ninja!

I want THIS!

I love the fabric textures on this look.

I totally love the metal accent concept! Plain genius!

Another variation of the metal applique-ish outerwear

Absolutely one of Rick's strongest looks. Love the metal accents on this waistcoat. However, I don't think this is very airport security-friendly. 

Perfect black and white juxtaposition

Another excellent versatile piece!

Impeccable draping and layering!

I totally love this fitted obi-like coat! The tailoring is just beyond perfection!

Architectural perfection! This final look is too perfect for words! Can you imagine walking while that black thing on the left is cascading on the runway? It's definitely a scene-stealer!

You did it again Rick! Thanks again for another great collection. Can't wait for S/S 2012!

All photos courtesy of Style.com


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