OMG...I just couldn't wait to see hi-res photos of this collection. I'm sure you are equally as excited as me. I mean who doesn't love Nicola!

Anyway, here's a sneak preview of the final walkthrough with soundtrack provided by Nicola Formichetti's bff Lady Gaga. Honestly, from what I've seen it looks really promising. It sort of resembles Givenchy but with more sex, spunk and Gaga as in Lady Gaga...hahaha! For some reason, I'm sort of digging that crazy veil cascading on the models while they're catwalking on the runway. Very jelly-fish couturetastic! I remember seeing that on Romain Kremer's last year.

What else do I like? Definitely more of those wide-leg trousers ala Celine. I'm sort of obsessed with anything oversized lately. I absolutely want to have a closer look at those shimmery splendid tech-fabrics he used for the shows. I kind of like those two-tone blazers as well. It resembles the Raf Simons jacket I have from A/W 2008-09. And lastly, I kind of like that itsy bitsy skort that the first model was rocking. 

What do you guys think of Nicola's debut collection? Hit or miss?


I appreciate your feedback...