After seeing the hi-res photos of Formichetti's debut collection for Thierry Mugler, I must admit I have very mixed feelings about the entire thing. Some of the looks are quite conceptual and most likely won't transcend very well in the streets. However, I have to give him props for pushing the envelope. I mean I'm sure his muse Lady Gaga has a major influence on this collection. No wonder some pieces look like it's meant for a prod number like the photo below which is one of the looks I personally dislike. And with his blond hair and svelte figure he can easily pass as one of Lady Gaga's male dancers. 

To make it easier for my readers, I will comment on only the looks that I have found interesting.

I honestly don't get the black gloves. Unless you're a mime I don't think this is going to fly off the shelves anytime soon. The styling of this one is also plain awful. That necklace has to go!

I totally love that mirrored vest. I doubt if anybody would wear this out and about. I wonder if Mugler is actually producing this one.

I have a thing for one-button black blazers! Also, I am totally digging the contrast on this look. The juxtaposition of the pristine black jacket and the rugged torn up pants is just plain brilliant. I'm glad that Nicola ditched the black gloves or else it would have ruined the entire look. 

The psychedelic side paneling on this coat is definitely attention-grabbing.

I love this bright orange color. Reminded me of Jil's previous collection.

There's something off about this look. The silhouette of the jacket and trousers don't fit the body type of the model. 

Velvet + snakeskin print = FAIL

I kind of like this look with the cropped blazer and fitted trousers. It looks very polished.

I'm really not a big fan of those leather gloves. It just looks distracting in my opinion.

The return of the baggy pants! I have a couple of pants similar to this and I totally love it. 

So, this is what the pants look like upclose. It looks like what the Michelin man would wear. I'm sorry but this one is a NAY for me. However, I do love that three-quarter mac coat!

Another variation of those lovely pants...

I seriously don't get that thing wrapped around the model's waist. 

Garbage bag chic isdatchu? Sorry but this just looks plain cheap and thrashy. Unless you want to look like a walking thrash bag I don't see why would anybody rock this look.

Too much going on  here. 

Same as above...

Love the color. The shoes look kind of neat. And those pants are really to-die-for!

A vest inspired by latex condom. 

Modern day butcher perhaps...

One of my favorite looks. I think the solid black colorway works seamelessly on those trousers!

If I'm purchasing one thing from this collection it would be these amazing wide-leg trousers!

Absolutely my favorite runway look! Simple yet fierce!

Not the best fabric and color choice...

I'm sure everybody knows that sheer is enormous this year! I love how Nicola combined different textures to achieve this neat look. I wouldn't mind rocking this look. I just need to get my ass to the gym to get rid of this excess pounds I gained over the holidays.

Nicola looks adorable per usual! I guess the collection is not bad considering it's Nicola's first! 

Penny for your thoughts?


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  1. it's pushed... double and drasticly that is.. with Romain as Nicola's wingman here.. Ramains love of cropping things..making them really tight.. and really loose.. his love of PVC/PVCish material...specially the cropped tops..mixed with Nicola's "direction" ..nakaka overwhelming.. it's like taking the dapper metrosexual Mugler man before into this severe camp-bondage look.. i agree with the classic bombers they kept and wide trousers it saved some looks!


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