I'm not a huge Prada fan. Although I admit that at one point I was frantically obsessed with those studded Prada brogues which I should have picked up in Paris two years ago. I have yet to cross it out on my holy grail wish list. I know one day it shall be mine.
Prada's latest collection is just so-so for me except for these four outstanding looks below. Yes there's a common trend going on with my picks-oversized blazers. The kind that looks like a hand-me-down from your old man. Recently, I have been fancying anything oversized. From loose tees to oversized blazers, from enormous man-purses to palazzo trousers I want them all! Size does matter, non? And I vouch for that. So better swing by your favorite thrift store ASAP and find yourself a vintage old man's blazer. Pair it with meggings (shorts with leggings) or palazzo pants. For more audience impact match it with an impeccable maxi skirt. 

All photos courtesy of GQ France


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